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Aldona is a beautiful village having two islands namely Corjuem and Calvim-Ponolem surrounded by scenic beauty.People here are very hospitable,peaceful and live in harmony and take part in each others festivities.It has a Primary health centre, sub-health centre, Electricity Department and Police Outpost and a fish market. Agriculture and fishing are the main occupation of the people here. There are many renowned personalities in Aldona. There are four bridges three at Corjuem and one at Calvim.Aldona Corjuem bridge is a cable stayed bridge which is second of its kind in whole of India. There is also an ancient fort situated at Corjuem.There are three schools and a Higher Secondary. There are two Churches one at Calvim and one at Aldona .The one at Aldona is more than 400 years. There are also many temples and Chapels big and small situated at Aldona.